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Managing multiple Debian linux servers

At CIAS here we manage around 20 linux machines, of which only a handful of them are in a cluster. This means that conventional tools such as puppet and other cluster management software suits don’t fit well into what we … Continue reading

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Logwatch + OS X

I needed to install logwatch a OS X machine for work, and i figured i would just document the process. curl -o logwatch.tar.gz ftp://ftp.kaybee.org/pub/linux/logwatch-7.3.6.tar.gz tar xzpf logwatch.tar.gz cd logwatch-7.3.6/ sudo bash install_logwatch.sh At this point just use all the defaults … Continue reading

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Logwatch & RSS – A Perfect Union

Here at CIAS we have a bunch of linux servers, and we run logwatch on them to give us a daily look at our servers. There are few options with logwatch and how you want to get the information, you … Continue reading

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