I’ve used a number of Media Center solutions for connecting a PC/Mac to my HDTV.

First i used the software that came with my Sony, it did TV recording, but it wasn’t a really integrated solution.

I hacked an Xbox at some point and used XMBC, which was a VERY good solution.
For my TV recording i was using a ReplayTV box, sadly, in the Tivo vs, ReplayTV replay was the wrong horse to bet on.

After the XBOX died and the ReplayTV had stopped all future software updates i moved on and actually turned off my cable.

I was using MediaPortal for a while, which was a great product, but my PC started to die.

After my Sony PC started to have memory problems i moved to a G5 running OS X. Front worked as a great simple solution, but it really didn’t offer any flexibility.

PLEX was my next solution, which is a very VERY good project. It is a great port of the XBMC project. Its a very good integrated Mac experience, and i like it alot, but i’ve found a new love when it comes to my TV and PC.

enter Boxee, at the core, its ANOTHER port of XBMC, but… as you start to dig deeper into the application you realized how integrated with the internet this app really is. Everything from its social friend network features, so its use of online reviews and content.

The BIGGEST feature for me is the integration of services like HULU and Netflix. Absolutly amazing. Bring the power of internet streaming video to my big screen TV. Boxee is currently in alpha, and if this is alpha, i can’t wait to see the final product! These guys are doing an amazing job, and if you follow them on twitter they are super fast to respond to problems and they keep the community up to date with progress! I found this app right before the christmas season… so its is my favorite APP of 2008!! Keep up the good work boxee!

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