I woke up this morning, and for reasons that i don’t want to explain. I’m just in a bad mood. So… I decided on my drive into work that i’m going to channel this bad mood into productivity. So i’ve been sitting at my desk here, headphones on, hoodie up, iChat not on, no twitter, and not texting or any of my normal distractions. And lone behold, before lunch i pretty much finished a module that i’ve been meaning to finish for about a month. AHH BEHOLD THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION AND FOCUS

Go figure. The moral of the story? Get in a bad mood, and channel your frustration and bad mojo into something productive, which will most likely raise your spirits up, and get you out of your bad mood. Thus saving you from depressions or some other stupid emotional wreck.

I am usually a very positive perosn, i’ve leaned early on the lesson of only worrying about the things you can change or that you have some sort of influence on. The rest of them should just be facts and outside entities that you know about and have acknowledged. This is a philosophy that i usually preach to anyone who asks for my advice. It has worked very well for me. Sometimes it comes off as unemotional or that I just bottle everything up. But i really do believe that the human emotions can only deal with things that you either have done/or can do something to change the outcome. If you have no control, acknowledge the issue and MOVE ON.

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