So on the way home after the GMB banquet i came across a group of people on the side of the road and a guy flagging me down.

There was an accident has this guy says to me "I need you pull up and give me some light, i’m trying to work on this guys leg" So of course I do the only sensible thing and pull up, put on my high beams and give him the light. Sooner or later the fire department, ambulance and police showed up, took care of the driver of the motorcycle and his passenger. I think they both got away with a few broken bones, but nothing horrible. So i ended up getting stuck between all the emergency vehicles, so I had to way for them all to leave before i could head home. But overall it felt nice to do at least a little something good.

The guy who initially flagged me down thinks the driver was drunk, because i guess earlier on the motorcyle passed him doing like 70 on lake shore drive.

It made for an interesting night.


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