I needed to install logwatch a OS X machine for work, and i figured i would just document the process.

curl -o logwatch.tar.gz ftp://ftp.kaybee.org/pub/linux/logwatch-7.3.6.tar.gz
tar xzpf logwatch.tar.gz
cd logwatch-7.3.6/
sudo bash install_logwatch.sh

At this point just use all the defaults

sudo cp -r conf/* /etc/logwatch/conf/
sudo cp -r scripts/services/* /etc/logwatch/scripts/services/


Thats is… logwatch is installed as you can see by running

sudo logwatch

(cias staff at this point look to our internal wiki)

Now you just need to tweak your /etc/logwatch/conf/logwatch.conf file to suit your needs

Also if you want it to run everynight at midnight put a script in /etc/periodic/daily





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