Disclaimer: I know the following post is going to sound materialistic, but.. i’m ok with that for now. Here is the backstory: Almost 2 years ago now i bought a brand new Mazdaspeed 3. It was right around my birthday, so i told myself it was a ‘birthday’ gift (biggest lie to myself ever). Well long story short. I love this car. Its my baby, its goes fast… and just makes me smile and makes me happy. I know this feeling is very short term, and isn’t TRUE happiness. But damnit.. it works. Last night i took it out for a drive, and i really cheered me up. So what have I been driving all winter? My Beater truck! Which in its own right has given me a certain level of happiness. Over the last few years i’ve gained happiness from fixing up my ‘beaters’ Yeah… that should be fixed this weekend.



In the spirit of ‘short term happiness through Vehicle Repair’ Jay and I replaced my Rotor and Pads on my truck last night. It was a great time, and thats even with an unexpected trip to the parts store because here to find out my 1993 truck actually used 1994 parts. Go figured.


Update AGAIN!

Today on the way home from RIT the belt on my truck broke. I was able to get it home and fix it up in like… 2 hours from it being broke to totally fixed. It was fun.. annoying, but fun.

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