So tonight my Sony VIAO died tonight.

The machine has been for the longest time my main Home Theater PC running MediaPortal

This machine was doing an amazing job, running Windows XP, for over a year now without me needing to rebuild it.

Well tonight, the machine just kinda.. died. So i’ve decided that its time to take the Frontrow plunge.

So, i got my G5 up in the living room and got it all going, and so far, with the help of a few pieces of software, its been GREAT

Ok, so all these components together and i have an amazing Broadcatching (RSS + BitTorrent) machine that does some amazing things in Frontrow.

The Sapphire Browser will index your Movie folder and use the file name to determine what the show is (Episode Name/Season/Number). It also goes out and downloads information about the show and what you end up getting is a really nice interface to browse through your downloaded Torrents. It really is amazing. I would recommend it to ANY Leopard FrontRow users.

Plus all the other nice features of Frontrow make for a great Polish HTPC feel.

So overall, Me Likeyy

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