Unless otherwise noted we will start at 6:30pm (ish) every week.

Week 1: Tuesday, December 11th Rohrbachs – http://www.rohrbachs.com/ – Map

Week 2: Tuesday, December 18th Otter Lodge – http://www.theotterlodge.com/ – Map

Week 3: Tuesday, January 8th The Park Bench – Google Map

Week 4: Tuesday, January 18th Nathaniels – http://www.2taste.com/nathanielspub/ – Map

Week 5: Tuesday, January 22th The Reunion On the RocksGoogle Map

Week 6: Tuesday, January 29nd Salinger’s – Google Map

Week 7: Tuesday, February 5th Jeremiahs –  http://www.jeremiahstavern.com/ – Google Map

Week 8: Tuesday, February 12th Acme – Google Map

Week 9: Tuesday, February 19th TC Hooligans

Week 10: Tuesday, February 26th JB Quimby’s – Google Map

Week 11: Tuesday, March 4th Old Toad – Google Map


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