As some of you may have heard we are forgoing a bowling league this winter for something a bit more… Interesting. Here’s the general idea. We pick 10-12 bars all over Rochester (preferably with darts and pool tables ) [NO Repeat bars, lets expand our horizons!] Every week we head off to a different bar to hang out with old friends, make new friends and just unwind! We each throw $5 into a ‘pool’ every week At the end of the season we throw ourselves a big ol party with the money in the pool. (we will vote on the final destination bar/party house) What do we need? We need your ideas for which bars to go to! Send them my way and we will come up with the schedule. Also, we need to know what days and times are good for everyone? So far Monday and Tuesday have been winning out Who can come? Everyone! The more the merrier! Seriously, this doesn’t just have to be people from RIT, bring your friends, coworkers, significant other. Please send your ideas and suggestions to me! Also, if you have someone who’s interested in the league, forward this email and then send me their email address and I’ll add them to the email list Thanks!! Brad

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