Here’s the deal

Crazy lady comes knocking on my door. “Omg someone just tried to steal your car”
I go: “The one out front?? (Its my 1993 LeBaron Winter Beater)”
“Yes that car right there”
i say: “Crap.. its still there… ”
She like: “What do you mean??”
“I wish they would have taken it… I would have gotten more money for it”
she goes: “You aren’t even going to check it? I am trying to help you out and you don’t care?! OMG You are wierd wtf?! I don’t get it, well i called the cops they will be here soon”
So i finally go out, It was two dudes in a what was probably a stolen jeep out jacking cars.
They broken in the ignition switch looking to hot wire it.
only to know that the joke was on them… the fucking battery has been dead for 3 months
and it has a flat tire
so I tell the officer: “I really don’t want to file a report or anything, i kinda wish they would have taken it”
he chuckled, she scowled at me.
I HATE her so much
I think she’s spent time at the loony bin

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