In the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences we have deployed a very robust Debian linux Samba server to serve our files to all of our users.
This server is running Debian Linux, with the latest versions of Samba, connect to our EMC AX-4 San over 4GB fiber channel. This server gets hit pretty hard, pretty much all the time.

Other than some basic command line tools, I really couldn’t find anything that fit the bill of ‘visualizing’ how many people were connected to the server: what they were doing, and how many files were open.
So, as with everything we do around here, if it doesn’t exist, build it ourselves. The task was to build a interface that would work with our current set of kiosk apps in our office.

To code is no where near ready to release, or portable enough to install on any other system. Right now it is pretty much built just for our environment.

Here is what the end product looks like. I have it running on a monitor on a shelf in our office connected to a Ubuntu machine running Chrome in Kiosk mode.

The block along the top represent the users connect, the bars from the left are the shares that are connect, and how many people (percentage of total) are connected to them.
The red lines inside the bars represent the currently open files in that share.

Any interest from anyone in this becoming generally available?

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