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Netboot Across Subnets

Rob wrote a great article on how to Netboot your macs across multiple subnets, like we do here at RIT

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Force SSL connection using PHP

When place before all other output on your PHP script this little snipped will force you PHP page to be presented over SSLThis is very useful on things like Login forms.   if($_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’] != ‘443’) {     //Force SSL upon … Continue reading

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Saw this on 390N


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Logwatch & RSS – A Perfect Union

Here at CIAS we have a bunch of linux servers, and we run logwatch on them to give us a daily look at our servers. There are few options with logwatch and how you want to get the information, you … Continue reading

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Zen of short term happiness

Disclaimer: I know the following post is going to sound materialistic, but.. i’m ok with that for now. Here is the backstory: Almost 2 years ago now i bought a brand new Mazdaspeed 3. It was right around my birthday, … Continue reading

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