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It seems the new trend for successfully exploited weak web applications is that they will only show their seedy content to google or other search engines. They will only be triggered to show their content when they are accessed by … Continue reading

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Managing multiple Debian linux servers

At CIAS here we manage around 20 linux machines, of which only a handful of them are in a cluster. This means that conventional tools such as puppet and other cluster management software suits don’t fit well into what we … Continue reading

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Now introducing METApic

Its my distinct please to announce my latest ‘side’ project. METApic Metapic is a Digital Asset Management system that tries to be as generic as possible. Find all the details at my METApic page

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Force SSL connection using PHP

When place before all other output on your PHP script this little snipped will force you PHP page to be presented over SSLThis is very useful on things like Login forms.   if($_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’] != ‘443’) {     //Force SSL upon … Continue reading

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Logwatch & RSS – A Perfect Union

Here at CIAS we have a bunch of linux servers, and we run logwatch on them to give us a daily look at our servers. There are few options with logwatch and how you want to get the information, you … Continue reading

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Securing your PHP Upload scripts

Security should always be on the mind of any developer of web technologies, but sadly in todays rush toward rapid application development and fast approaching deadlines, security takes a backseat sometimes. Here at CIAS we need to walk the thin … Continue reading

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PHP – RIT LDAP Authentication function

This is a little bit of code i’ve written over the years here at RIT to connect to the rit ldap server, authenticate a username, password and then return some information about them in a session if you want (commented … Continue reading

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